Hola Muchachos!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We are almost into month 4 of lockdown, so the urge to feel like you are on holiday is getting too much to control. We decided to go wild with an authentic Mexican feast and imagine we were on the Rio Grande in the sun with a Margarita in hand!

Local Mexican street food restaurant Muchacho were at hand to help! We ordered their Tacobox and we were on our way to Acapulco Bay.

Whether you go for the 10 or 20 taco option, make sure one of the fillings you pick is the Guerrero Beef! The citrus bursts of orange and the sharp hints of garlic through the slow cooked beef will make your mouth feel like it is partying at Cinco De Mayo, and if you are really brave, throw some punch in the face salsa on there for a Mexican style punch in the face!

All the spicy flavours are balanced well with a generous helping of a fresh Pico De Gallo and the chip and dip adds some crunch. The whole concept really offers a genuine experience of Mexico and all bases are covered.

The final note is a shout out for the packaging of course! The stylish taco box immediately gets your attention and sparks the interest of all senses! It adds an element of fun to the experience and really gets everyone talking, particularly about the artwork. Not a bad product if we do say so ourselves!

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