A Father's Day Treat

On a rainy Aberdeen Sunday, of which we have too many to count, comfort food is always a good idea! Since it was Father's Day, we decided a special treat was in order so we headed off to The Pigs Wings.

Satisfying our fussy family is no easy task, winged pigs would usually be more likely, but I am happy to report that The Pigs Wings were up to the challenge. There was something on the menu for the whole family. The kids were delighted they could order their favourite dish from the kids menu - chicken nuggets and fries. The feedback on the tomato sauce was particularly impressive. Usually only Heinz will do but the tangy ketchup was an absolute hit. Happy kids = happy parents, phewph!

I am the vegetarian of the family and I was delighted to discover that I was spoiled for choice. I opted for the Mediterranean Halloumi fries and I did not regret that decision! Halloumi cooked to perfection served with fresh tomato salsa & minted yoghurt - an impressive combination that I look forward to having again soon.

With so many great options on the menu, Dad took a while to choose, but he went for the steakhouse special. Steak so juicy it melts in the mouth served with onion ring loaded fries covered in peppercorn sauce. That kept him happy for the rest of the day!

Our trip to The Pigs Wings was a roaring success. We will definitely be back again soon to sample the rest of the menu! Thank you Pigs Wings for a great family lunch!

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